“Don’t believe the hype!”

This art piece is not located in Los Angeles, but I thought it would be great to share. I first saw this in San Diego recently while visiting a friend. We were taking a walk in downtown San Diego and came cross this beautiful piece here…I was instantly captivated by the wonderful art. If you could see closely, this art piece features little characters stacked on one another in which some of the characters are seen with hoodies, one has a back pack on while holding his middle finger up, and another one is rather naked…I thought it was a great representation of rebellion- a characteristic that we all know so well. This piece was created by Brazilian graffiti artists, “Os Gemeos”. These twin brothers are widely known for their art work and this beautiful mural gives us a glipmse of their amazing talent.


“The best thing to hold onto in life is each other…”

Found this beautiful mural painted on “Argentum Photo Lab” by Free Humanity off of Sunset Boulevard and Seward….This is a design piece of Audrey Hepburn ❤

Spotted this wall art while enjoying my evening downtown. This enormous art piece definitely caught my eye. It sits right across from “Baco Mercat” on Main st and 4th…Evident that Los Angeles is full of unique art in the most arbitrary locations.

Venice Street Art

I love you:Smile more

These are two lovely street art concrete drawings I spotted while walking to an event in Venice, CA. Both were arbitrary in the way they caught me off guard. Seeing positive messages like these can brighten up a bad day when we least expect it. I plan to visit the Venice area and snap more pictures of unique random art/drawings I see along a nice walk in this “peace-loving” town.